5 Things I Didn’t Know About Nursing School

  • Nursing school is hard! I knew going in it wasn’t going to be easy but, wow!
  • Nursing school is expensive. It can get quite pricey for instance paying for tuition, books, uniforms, supplies, and especially if you have to quit your job and have bills to pay.
  • It’s not like what you think nursing is all about. Some people think nursing is easy and laid back but it’s really not. You’re on your feet all the time, you have patients you’re trying to keep alive and there are times you may have to do the dirty work.
  • Goodbye to your social life. It’s hard to balance school, studying time, and even a job as a nursing student. So, imagine adding a social life. I’ve lost a few friends and acquaintances since starting nursing school.
  • Constantly giving yourself a pep talk to get you through. When times got tough I had to keep reminding myself that I came too far to stop now.


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