How to Prepare For Your First Day of Clinicals?

My experience in clinicals has been good, alright sometimes, and interesting. In my program, first semester nursing students began clinicals at a rehabilitation/nursing home. We do this before we head over to a hospital. Hospital clinicals starts in the second semester of the program. I think it was a way for us to get our feet wet. Everyday walking in the rehab center became a learning experience. You learn about different diseases, disorders, and get to visually see the affects it has on the elderly. All most all of my patients were very kind to me and I don’t recall a time a patient got upset with me. Using therapeutic communication was a big thing in nursing school and essential when dealing with different types of people. One thing I can say that put my patients at ease was when I would go to their rooms in the morning and greeted them and asked if they slept well. Doing that enabled my patients to open up and build trust.
Tips on preparing for clinicals:
– Bring your stethoscope, bp cuff, pen light and alcohol wipes.
– Hand sanitizer (just in case if the place doesn’t restock quick enough).
– Come dressed with proper and clean uniform.
– Bring a clipboard or small notebook and a pen
– Drugs guidebook (can be quite helpful)
– Bring your best attitude
– No harsh fragrance smell (learned that the hard way).

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